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Ashlee Asher

A wedding day is supposed to be amazing with absolutly no worries for the bride and groom, which is exactly what we had on July

16, 2011. Gaylen Sauve, who is also my amazing father, did all of the music and sound for the day, which was one of the best decisions we made. From start to end, the music was perfect, the announcements were right on schedule and he made the day all

about us. He even was able to walk me down the isle while making sure everyone was on queue with the music. He made us feel

so special! The reception was a blast! We were on the dance floor all night and our guests enjoyed every moment! People today

still talk about our amazing day and it was almost 6 years ago. I would recommend Gaylen Sauve, 

with GSC Production to

anyone and everyone as their DJ, who wants their day to be amazing!

Sharon Schaub-Kovacevich

You are awesome! All my family loved having you as our “entertainment” even though the official title is MC/DJ you felt like family and between you and our grandchildren it  was all perfect.

The variety of music, dances and the sound system made our wedding and reception one of the best events in my life! No kidding and as our family said, “You Rocked”!

If ever you need a recommendation, please don’t hesitate to have people give me a call @ 503-989-8686 or e-mail at I have nothing but praises for your fantastic personality, ability to coordinate, attention to detail and following the engagement agreement to the letter, even improvising when needed.

Thank you so Much

 Sincerely Sharon Schaub-Kovacevich 

Jolene & Steve

A year ago on Sunday, January 18, 2009, you MC'd our wedding.  Since then we've been traveling on a one-year honeymoon (we visited 43 of the lower 48 states and leave Monday for two weeks in Hawaii).  Having recently been to a wedding, Steve and I again realized what a wonderful job you did.  You were so efficient in bringing the people up to the buffet table for dinner (and first getting everyone quiet so Mick could pray), getting people's attention for the toast, getting couples out for a "longest-couple married" dance and playing music that everyone enjoyed.  I cannot think how it could have been any better.  

Both of us are so thankful that you were there that night and appreciative of the great job you did.  

Thank you.

School Dance References

Lynn Kohlwes Juanita Elementary PE Teacher


Kevin Hyppa Lockwood Elementary PE Teacher


Ann Nelson Mark Twain Elementary PE Teacher


Susan Hamp Iland Park Music Teacher


Jonna Farley Cherry Valley Music Teacher


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School Dance Testimonies and References

Island Park Elementary

 We are very excited to be able to bring Gaylen Sauve, a professional square dance caller, to work with your children the week of March 25th! To provide the fullest experience possible, we have arranged the specialists’ schedule so each class will be able to work with Gaylen every day, with Mrs. Hamp, Mr. Krahn, Mrs. Sundholm and Mrs. Frisch assisting. Classes will be joined by others in their grade level, making for a fun yet focused learning environment. By the end of the week, just in time for the Hoedown on March 29th, your children will have learned several line dances, including the Macarena and Virginia Reel, as well as numerous square dance moves.  

 Mrs. Hamp has worked with Gaylen on and off for over 20 years, first meeting him while he was instructing in the Northshore School District. She appreciates Gaylen’s positive attitude and magnetic personality, which helps to engage all the students. As a dance instructor with over 30 years experience, Gaylen teaches dances comprehensively and thoroughly. He keeps things moving at a fast pace so no one loses interest, and chooses music that is fun for the students. "Who Let The Dogs Out" is one favorite, while older students will learn to line dance to Will Smith's "Wild, Wild West".  

The Hoedown has been a highlight for the Island Park community every year and we are very grateful to the IP PTA for sponsoring this year’s Hoedown! Please join us for this fun evening event! 

Sincerely, Susan Hamp 


Stillwater Elementary School


Over the course of two weeks in March, one spent at Stillwater Elementary and another at Cherry Valley Elementary, "The Dance Dude" (Gaylen Sauve) brought together exercise, dance, music, and a party atmosphere to more than 500 K-5 students between the schools.

Performing and appearing as "The Dance Dude" for more than fifteen years, Sauve tours all over King County providing DJ services for school and community dances, private and public parties, and even finds time to work as an auctioneer.

During these two weeks however, he did what he loves to do best - teach children how to move and dance. When he arrives, The Dance Dude utilizes music and physical activity to engage students in getting exercise, mental stimulation, and cool new dance moves to share with friends and family.

Each week concludes with a school-wide dance and leading up to that dance, students have learned a variety of classic party dances they can share with parents, siblings, and friends. This year, the Stillwater dance had over 300 people attend. Stillwater secretary Karie Cato states that makes it one of the most highly attended events the school has ever seen.

Emily Christensen, Stillwater's music specialist, had a wonderful time. "By supporting physical education and music together, this was an awesome way to combine those two disciplines in an extra fun way. The Dance Dude does an outstanding job of engaging students, and everyone had a blast!"

Students also shared their favorite moments from the week, citing dances like "Peanut Butter Jelly Time", "The Funky Chicken", "The Dorothy Dance", and of course, "The Macarena" as their favorites. One student captured the week this way, "He made me feel like my legs were going to explode! It was very tiring but also very fun!"

Event References

  1. *Mike McClure                    All Events        206-817-1334
  2. *Diane Kolb                         All Events        206-245-4540
  3. *Maureen Browning         All Events        425-444-3132
  4. *Tiffany Mills                       Auctions          904-309-1140
  5. *Jeannie Rash                     All Events         206-321-6095

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